At Active Physical Therapy, we do things a little different.

Our scheduling is based on matching the perfect therapist to each patient, rather than simply filling appointments. Our team is accessible, personable, and easy going, making your therapy sessions comfortable and productive. We work with your schedule to meet your therapy needs. Our services are available by appointment regularly through the week, however, we cater to our patients schedule and are available outside of regular business hours when necessary.   

Whether it be on or off the field, taking care of your health is essential to perform at your best. At Active Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we take pride in helping people improve their athletic performance. From working with professional athletes and sport's teams, like those pictured below, our certified athletic trainers, and physical therapists can provide their expertise to all athletes and people seeking help from sports medicine. 

Sports medicine is not only for athletes who want to achieve better performance, it is also for people who enjoy recreational sports or wish to gain better results from an exercise program. Sports medicine also helps those who have suffered from an injury. If you would like to see if sports medicine can help you, please feel free to contact us for an initial assessment or injury screening.

The dedicated team at Active Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine will help you improve your health and perform your best.